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Our nursery is located in Minsk, Belarus. Kennel registered with FIFe 09.01.1996. Club is OO "beam" Felinolog. "Members of the association" Felinolog "breeding pedigreed cats carried out according to a scientifically sound rules and standards of the International Federation of feline FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline), founded in 1949 and merged clubs around 40 countries. OO" beam "feline "is a member of FIFe from Belarus. All our breeding cats issued uniform sample pedigree recognized in any country of the world. 
Pets our kennel constantly attend exhibitions where our cats are evaluated by international judges and receive event assessment that allows you to monitor the quality of offspring and the level of our breeding. 
The main purpose of our nursery is to get healthy and strong offspring, fully meet the breed standard. 
We treat our pets with love and affection, they are full members of our family. We do not allow the animal cell and not welcome them roam freely. Our nursery is a regular apartment, where people live together with cats and kittens. They roam freely through the rooms, sleeping in bed with the hosts, playing and hooligans. 
In our kennel you can get a kitten for breeding, exhibitions or as a pet. 
Kittens are moving into a new house not previously vaccinated 3.5 months, with documents about the origin (ancestry) and veterinary passport. Accustomed to scratching posts and tray. 
When purchasing a kitten is made agreement on the transfer of the animal.
Kirytsa Natallia 
Minsk , Belarus
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