If you missed the world of fairy tales, look at the Devon Rex, whose shape reminds you a little elf or fairy ...


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You will be warmer and happier by the presence of almost fabulous creatures. 

Taking your hands you have no devonchika when vypusat not want him out of hand! His warmth and tenderness, wavy and velvet skin so soft and pleasant to the touch, boundless love the little creature will make you the most beautiful and warm feelings! Their eyes tell us about high intelligence - believe me, they do not lie ... 
These obayashki able to fill the lives of their owners a new meaning, to make it cheerful and happy! 
  It is worth noting that the Devon Rex popular worldwide. This is one of the most favorable and socially adapted breeds. Moreover, these animals for no apparent reason, to this day do not cause allergic reactions in people who are allergic to animals. 
  History of Devon Rex begins with 1960. So near the abandoned mine in Devonshire, England, was found unusual animal. It was an elegant cat, which covers wavy coat all over the body. It all the time accompanied by no less charming cat, which, apparently, come to his cousin. But at the expiration, any time the cat had disappeared, but his companion was caught, which after some time gave his mistress a litter of kittens. Interestingly, among the kittens only one was black with wavy hair. Kitty was given the nickname "Kyrle," which meant "Curly." It Kyrle and became the first registered Devon Rex. It goes from him all pedigrees Devons. 
Devon Rex - a breed of cats with an original unique view. The appearance of the animal easily recognizable even from afar. The beauty of this species is difficult to describe the usual miserly words standard Russian language. We can only say that the Devon Rex have a peculiar type, which is composed of paired signs harmonizing among themselves short muscular body on high legs combined with the large short head, decorated with large ears. With the head smoothly into a long, thin neck, which is combined with a long tail and high legs. And thanks to the wavy hair Devon Rex acquires a special charm that makes him irresistible. Another of the features that is characteristic only of the Devonian - it is their expressive, unusual, bright and extremely meaningful glance. The expression of this animal is changing all the time - from the extravagant nature, full of pranks and mischief, to soulful romantic look that makes Devon Rex look like a fairy-tale hero. 
One gets the impression that the Devon Rex specially created for life in modern apartments, as this cute pets that
are perfectly adapted to all conditions. This is quite clever and affectionate animal loving human society. We can say that Devon idolize people. This is explained by the fact that even the most unpleasant procedure for them, for example, bath, haircut or nails during treatment procedures, they carry a very noble, while fully trusting person. You've never see scratching or biting Devon Rex. 
  Devon Rex is a very docile breed of cats, these pets react to his nickname as a dog, as well as simply trainable. Jumping and agility - that is their main hobby. 
  Devons have a pleasant quiet voice, even the cat - devon during estrus expresses its condition poses or as a faint rumbling voice. Males, in turn, "tag", behave calmly enough. It should be noted that this behavior is very rare and pleasant exception in the cat world, and especially among groups using a short.


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