On this page of our website you can see our kids. We will be glad if you want to make one of them my friend! 
You can reserve a kitten at the age of 1 month, but leave the parental home kid not earlier than 14 weeks, completely ready to live in another house: bred, degelmintizirovanny grafted quality vaccines. The deposit amount is 30-50% of the kitten (depending on the acquisition); in case your plans change - deposit is not refundable! 
It is desirable for us to in the application for you liked kitten indicated: 
- Your name and surname; 
- City of residence, phone number; 
- The purpose of the acquisition (or pet pedigree breeding). 
If an animal is sold for breeding, then we will be interested in: 
- The name of your kennel and website (if any); 
- Any experience with cats is available to you; 
- Any partner in the future you want to provide for our animals. 
At your request, we will send you more pictures of the kid. 
Request can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 +375296614807 ( phone and Viber)

+375295033400 (phone and WhatsApp)



Available boy ,9 mon Cinnamon bicolor
                                                                  Litters V
                                                  Date of birth 17/09/2021
43412335 1901821806791385 5240029434500612096 n love Назар выст
mom Evita   dad Nazary
vanya  no Available Boy Vanya. Chocolate bicolor
vashka Available Boy Vashka .Chocolate bicolor
vasilisa Available Cirl Vaselina.Chocolate point 
                                                            Litters S
                                                  Date of birth 30/04/2021
DEE DEE love Назар выст
mom DEE   dad Nazary
 Smurf  Available  Boy Smurf . Chocolate point harlequin with white
 Star Available  Boy Star .Chocolate bicolor
 sunray  Available  Boy Sunray .Red bicolor .Blood BB
 simon  Sold out Boy Simon .Chocolate harlequin
 s  Sold out  Boy Sapfir .black point
                                                                Litters Q
                                                  Date of birth 03/01/2021

















- The status of "available" means that the kitten is currently available and can be purchased pre-reserving; 


- The status of "option" means that at the moment regarding kitten negotiations, but cash deposit on a kitten until it can be made ??and further sale; 


- The status of "reserved" means that for this kitten made ??a deposit, and it is not offered to other customers; 


- The status of "reserve kennel" - the kitten until a certain time is reserved for the nursery (possible resale); 


- The status of "sold out" means that the kitten fully paid and preparing to move (or moved) to the new house.



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